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Opportunies Come With The Opening Up of Indonesian E-cigs Market

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Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com

NANO, a Simple, integrated device. There are 4 colors on the device: gold, red, green, black. You could change the top cover because it have a separat

Opportunies Come With The Opening Up of Indonesian E-cigs Market

  • 2018-09-20

Recently,the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Fair opened in Indonesia,SecretaryGeneral of Foreign Trade Branch of Indonesian Commerce Department Mr Martin、Directorof Indonesia-China Commerce Council Dr Wu Liming、Vice President of China ElectronicChamber of Commerce Mr Liu Yufeng and other representatives of bussiness circles showedup in the opening ceremony.

During the meeting, Chinese exhibitors introduced the general idea of E-Cigs in China to Mr Martin,and talked about Indonesian regulations respecting clearance、logistics and tax rates when E-Cigs are exported there.

In the afternoon,Secretary General of Indonesia Electronic Cigarette Association Mr Edy led the exhibitors to investigate the E-Cigs market in Jakarta.According to Edy:there are eighty million smokers in Indonesia while only 2% of them adopted E-Cigs,,and the market are to be futher expanded。

Indonesian government claimed the legitimacy of E-Cigs not long ago,as a great country with a population of 250 million,the future of E-Cigs market is promising,and is a good news to the relevant industries,many manufacturers said that they were actively developing Indonesian market to seize the initiative.

As is known to us that smoking is harmful to our health,so various kinds of E-Cigs appeared in the market,propagating the advantages of E-Cigs over ordinary cigarettes,the trouble is that our consumers get bewildered easily at the face of so many options.

There are two sorts of E-Cigs products in the markets: regular E-Cigs and heatde tobacco devices.

The former heats the e-liquid up to no more than 350°C to get it vaporized,this technology leads to a major shortcoming in the taste.While the latter heated real tobacco up to a temperature below 350°C  with the heatde tobacco technology,and the premium flavor of tobacco is fully released.What’s more,a primary harm of ordinary cigars lies in over 3800 known chemicals released during the combustion process,most of them are harmful,including alkaloids like carbon monoxide,nicotine,and heavy metal elements,organic pesticides,the biological effect they contain does a wide variety of harm to human health.But heatde tobacco technology can deliver the taste of ordinary cigars while reduce 90% of the harm from ordinary cigarettes.

By comparing these two kinds of E-Cigs to each other, it is concluded that heatde tobacco devices are more dominant.

Mysmok Electronic Technology Company Limited strives to design a smoke-free future and bring our customers fantastic experience with specialized products,two major products have been put on sale at present——Mysmok ISMOD I and Mysmok ISMOD II.

The pictures above are Mysmok ISMOD I,the specially designed tobacco stick is inserted into the holder,then the built-in heat blade will heat the tobacco to 320 degrees Celsius.since it heatde tobacco,there is no ash,tar or second-hand smoke.It significantly reduces harmful chemicals compared to traditional tobacco products.Many customers have already switched from regular cigarettes to tobacco heating device,its advantages are listed below:

1.210s of Enjoyment

2.320 degrees celsius of Accurate Temperature Control

3.One –Button Operation,Simple and Fun

4.Allow the Consumption of 10-13 tobacco sticks at a Single Charge

5.The Obtain of 16 Patents,including 7 for invention,5 for utility model,4 for design.

Now here comes Mysmok ISMOD II,as it’s presented above,it comes with two smokiong holders and a large capacity charging base(2200mAH),it’s compact,portable and convenient.It adopts advanced heating system that heats tobacco instead of burning it.Unlike traditional e-cigs,ISMOD II uses real tobacco and heats the tobacco with ceramic heat blade.By heating tobacco,ISMOD II delivers mouthful of nicotine and creates tobacco vapor which leaves no bad odor on your clothes.Mysmok ISMOD II is an innovation on the basis of Mysmok ISMOD I,so the superiority is obvious:

1.Compact,Portable and Convenient

2.Accurate Temperature Control Guarantees the Authentic Flavor

3.260s of Enjoyment

4.2200mAH of Charging Base Well Meets Daily Need

Come and join us,let’s design a smoke-free future together.

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