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The Harm of Second-Hand Smoke

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The Harm of Second-Hand Smoke

  • 2019-11-28

Second-hand smoke is more harmful than first-hand smoke because the first-hand smoke is mainly inhaled into the stomach, while the second-hand smoke is inhaled into the lungs. Second-hand smoke can not only cause the lung cancer, but also easily lead to respiratory infections and heart disease. From 1965 to 2014, 263,000 people have developed cancer because of secondhand smoke.

Second-hand smoke is a mixture of smoke that is emitted when a cigarette, pipe or cigar is being burned or smoked by a smoker. Secondhand smoke is the most common contaminant in many smoking areas. The smoke generated when smoking can emit more than 4,000 kinds of particles. At least 40 of them can cause cancer in humans or animals. After stopping smoking, these particles can still stay in the air for a few hours, which can be inhaled into the body of other non-smokers, and may also be mixed with the decay products of hernia, causing greater harm to human health.

From what’s we discussed above, we can tell that the harm of secondhand smoke is great. In order to allow people around us to live in a healthy environment, it is recommended that smokers should not smoke cigarettes with high tar content. They can choose new tobacco products like heatde tobacco system as an alternative, which produces no tar, no smoke and effectively reduces over 90% of harmful substances. In addition, smokers has better not smoke in the public places, especially in indoor spaces with poor ventilation, so as to reduce pollution to you and other people’s breathing environment.

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