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Unexpectedly Hot Market for Heated Tobacco Products

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Unexpectedly Hot Market for Heated Tobacco Products

  • 2019-12-13

With the hot sale of the international tobacco company in the Japanese market, the field of new tobacco products has been changing. The recent success of heated tobacco products on the road to commercialization has attracted many multinational tobacco companies to enter this market.

E-cigarettes generally produce inhalable vapor by heating liquid nicotine, but they do not satisfy the users’ smoking experience, who complain that heated e-liquid leaves a chemical reaction aftertaste, and people surround these vapers are annoyed by the large amount of smoke they spit out.

But when heatde tobacco technology appeared, these two problems have been solved. The heated tobacco unit heats the real tobacco, providing authentic tobacco flavor that satisfies the user's smoking experience while avoiding bringing troubles to the people around.

Compared to e-cigarette products, tobacco heating products excel in simulating real smoking experience and may lead more people to abandon cigarettes.

As the name implies, unlike traditional cigarettes, heatde tobacco technology can make the tobacco hot enough to release sufficient tobacco flavor without chemical combustion. Normally, ordinary cigarettes produce many harmful substances at temperatures as high as 800 ° C, while heated cigarette sticks are below 350 ° C, under which harmful substances are reduced. In recent years, many tobacco manufacturing companies and research institutions have invested heavily in this field, and they have gained a lot because they have seen the huge potential of this new tobacco product.

As the world's first market for heatde tobacco products, it is easy to feel the popularity of this new tobacco product on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. Especially when you go to any smoking spot, it is not uncommon to see this kind of product being used.

Since the sale in the Japanese market, heated tobacco products have been very popular. GLO, as a leading brand in products of the same kind, has quickly seized 3% of the total sales of the Japanese tobacco industry. Among GLO’s 10 markets, Japan has performed the best, and the performance of other markets has also been good. The conversion rates of GLO customers in Switzerland and Italy have also reached 68% and 70% respectively, and Ukraine has sold more than 7,000 sets throughout the year.

In 2016, MySmok was established to develop, produce and sell tobacco heating devices for tobacco sticks. It has quickly opened the markets in Japan and other countries with good reputation and high quality.

With the continuous strengthening of tobacco control by governments, the tobacco industry's dependence on traditional cigarettes for profit growth is also shrinking. Therefore, heatde tobacco product is very likely to reshape the whole tobacco industry. It has become a field that major multinational tobacco companies compete to enter, as it not only meet smokers’ demand for nicotine and tobacco taste, but also reduces the generation and inhalation of harmful substances in the smoking process. It is an innovative product that is most likely to have a disruptive effect on cigarettes, and will greatly extend the life cycle of traditional cigarette manufacturers, bringing greater growth potential to tobacco companies.

Throughout the world, traditional cigarette consumption is declining day by day, and tobacco control regulations are strengthening one after another. The development of the tobacco industry is even more difficult. Where is the future of the tobacco industry? Will heatde tobacco tobacco products such as GLO and mysmok be the new future of the tobacco industry? We’ll wait and see.

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