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Wish The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund A Complete Success

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Wish The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund A Complete Success

  • 2018-09-22

The yearly Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund will be opening before long,such a major event to tobacconists around the world.It comes with a long history and far-reaching influence,now let me walk you through it’s past and present.

The full name of “Inter Tabac”is “Germany International Tobacco and Pipe Trade Fair ”,since it was was established in 1978,it has achieved great success in the past 38 years,it’s recognized by the tobacco industry to be a professional fair second to none not only in Europe but also in the world.Last year’s Inter Tabac attracted 576 exhibitors and 11,000 professional visitors from 60 countries in the world,and international exhibitors and visitors who made up 60% of them were from Europe,North America,South America,Asia,Africa and other regions,the fair set up 7 pavilions in total,Pavilion 3 is for tobacco industry suppliers,Pavilion 4 and 7 are for ordinary tobacco,Pavilion 2,5 and 6 are for E-Cigs and pipes,Pavilion 8 are for shisha,the total area is 40,000 square meters.

The organizer of”Inter Tabac”-German Westfalen exhibiting Group is influential in European exhibiting industry and offers professional exhibiting service to thousands of global exhibitors and millions of visitors all over the world,helps them a lot to further expand European markets via professional exhibition platforms.As an important exhibition in international tobacco field,“Inter Tabac”strive to provide professional commercial platform for international tobacco suppliers,57% of the participants who attended the 3-day“Inter Tabac 2017” last year claimed their transactions  were concluded at the fair; the total volume of on-spot transactions added up to 60 million euros.

It's doubtless that “The Inter Tabac 2018”in September shall serve as a good platform for China’s tobacco enterprises to expand European market.

Dortmund locates in the east of Rhur area and is part of Nordrhein-Westfalen,closing to Belgium and Netherlands.

Westfalen is the most populous state not only in Germany but also in Europe,there are 71 big cities in Germany,each has a population of over 100,000,while 30 of them are in Westfalen.At the same time,Westfalen is the most important manufacturing center of German cigars.

Tech leader in the E-Cigs industry——Mysmok Electric Technology Company Limited will attend this year’s trade fair.As a leader in this field,Mysmok assembles production,development and sales.the two sorts of heatde tobacco devices the introduced——Mysmok ISMOD I and Mysmok ISMOD II are great innovations on the basis of conventional E-Cigs,by heating ranther than burning the tobacco and accompanied by accurate temperature control system,simple and practical operation,it delivers mouthful taste and unique experience and take care of our customers at the same time.

We wish The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund a complete success and expect a perfect performance of Mysmok in this year’s fair.

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